As I am, As I was — Broken then – Lost Now. Just a cloud above my head*

One look, the moment, the time.

Do you wish to leave, stay, wander?

Staying is optional. Leaving — forever.

Raining is an interruption optionally between heat and breeze.

Here then gone.

Go then come.

The back, the forth, only to confuse you.

Intertwine you. Tangle. Lose you.

It’s sometimes into an endless canvas of blue seas, skies and tears

On bright whites with no letters, no words, no time held onto. No memories.

No names.

Turning back – is that an option?

Do we need to? Do we want to? Possibly Rely to or Rely on it?

Things take time. Expanding within the corridors of each emotion, each touch. Never needing or using the choices leading us back to the beginning of forever.

It’s all just noise. After all, Leaving IS forever. Isn’t it?

Lightning only misses the thunder when it’s gone..bangs without bullets – distant dejavu’s.

No one believes a memory. Not even half a broken memory will leave you with the solace you should find while searching for the pieces that’s awoken you from a deepest sleep. It just haunts you with the words and pictures you wake with.

Dazed, confused.

Needing and wanting more.

For what ever reason — you can’t pull enough of the puzzle together to get it make it whole.

You’re not broken, lost or tangled.

You’ve closed your eyes to the courage and strength to find whatever it is inside you’ve locked out your peace don’t want you to see..feel.

It’s left you behind.

But, is it really gone?

Did it really leave?

I’ve relived it more than once, Haven’t others?

Leaving isn’t an option ..

No, not always…and, my canvas isn’t always blue.



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