Land of Confusion.

I awoke this morning in a fog..I awoke this morning like a log.. Kinda feeling and sounding like Dr. Seuss you say? Maybe so..May I go lay? I just want it all to fall into place..Just one day ..Just one damn day. No more confusion, just cle…ar eyes. May I borrow yours for just today? I’d share mine with you, but, what you’d see, I’m not sure you’d get..A lot of confusion and beauty within. Some people speak of odd and strange. Some accept you while you’re in front of them ..then wait to unglue. I don’t need those people in my life, I demand. I don’t want you people in my strange land. Please leave me alone my sad, hollow solace. I’ve never asked you to be here – You were intrigued by my deep malice. Drop your stone you want to cast towards my brain..Ive hurt myself enough throughout this whole day. Your words and pain mean much more than I care to admit..But, openly I’ll just say – “I don’t care” and walk away … as tears fall inside my heart – I’ll show you no fame. You’re high above in your castle looking below – you once was my idol – my equal, my soul. Your laugh, I treasured, I honored – I needed. Now, I detest who I feel I’ve become you. It isn’t my fault what I had or was given..You say “let it go” .. use your own words and follow. I’m not your scapegoat, I am not your ghost. Sooner than later – you’ll realize its all been an illusion. Ive spent a lifetime searching for something that’s missing..the acceptance I felt was within you then found it. It wasn’t you who removed it or took it away – it was those who were around you – that felt they were better. I don’t blame them, or hate..It saddens me more. Saddens me only because in the blink of an eye you’re missing a beautiful mind. DarcyJeanJan8.2014See More


One thought on “Land of Confusion.

  1. These are my favorite posts ..when I sit and they flow from my head into the computer or onto paper..Im an old school writer who loves “REAL” books and “REAL” paper..but, in these extremely thankful for computers..ONLY because in the days of racing thoughts and rapid-cycling…when I cant keep up with my thoughts..Computers make it extremely easy for me to get it all out ..FOR THE MOST part.!! Thank you for listening…and by all means ..if you ever don’t understand me…that’s the comments are for…I am ALWAYS open for discussion. I don’t offend easily. 🙂

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