Sundays without Coffee.

I don’t know what is worse…Waking up after not sleeping, or waking up and after making a beautiful smelling pot of coffee – realizing you have ZERO creamer. Not even a stitch of milk.

Well, You will not win you little 1/2 & 1/2 stealing demons that are floating around in my house. Or maybe those are just remnants from my head that I enjoy blaming on something else. Either way..I cannot concentrate without coffee.

So, much of this may be rambling to some of you. Much of this may be perfection.

Honestly at this point..I don’t give a crap much. :)

and I do mean that with the greatest of love. I hope I mentioned when I began this blog that the blunt side of me runneth over and I use incorrect spelling, bad spelling and the wrong use of of wording [on purpose]

it keeps people on their toes and also gives you a reason to scratch your head and wonder if possibly I’m as crazy as I’ve been labeled OR maybe I just do it on purpose to be a complete Ass! You can decide…because honestly and quite frankly..I don’t care.

Once we’ve bonded and you’ve gotten to know me a bit better, you will realize that I’m actually a really nice person..with just a huge quirky attitude of not caring about what others think one day and then being very sensitive to their mean, shittiness the next.

My attitude is by no means directed to those who choose to read my blogs or postings.

please understand that. :)

I actually appreciate the fact that anyone would want to turn the channel onto mine and tune into my bizarre sense of humor, my slightly intimidating character flaws towards over-reacting when im out of coffee or my pencil lead breaks and how the smell of puppy breath completely makes my heart smile.

Im just a beautiful mess in a beautiful word full of beautiful people that are all crazy in our own ways.

89% of us don’t want to admit it though for fear of being cast aside.

The other 11% don’t give a flying fat rats ass..and those are the ones that I want to hear from the most – because I think we can persuade the others to start to feel better inside themselves and even if its not for any other reason but, to say what they think without worrying about fallback or being castrated emotionally or verbally abused by some schmuck who thinks they know more than we do – Because we ALL matter. Our opinions matter and we have a right to say how we feel and our voice heard.

Did I ever mention that there is a HUGE difference between Listening and Hearing?

Remind me to get into that subject sometime…

You might find it hugely interesting.

You might want to tell me to shut the hell up.

Either way …at least we’ll be communicating :)

Oh, so, on a quick note..I joined Twitter! haha. I always said, “I’ll NEVER join that thing..all it is a bunch of my daughters friends and their friends and their friends (you get the point) using it as free therapy to bitch, piss and moan about their boyfriend/girlfriends, and post pictures about their drug use, and the parties they went to the night before ..or while they are at them.”

Soo, that right there…Way to go Twitter…never impressed me much.

Until I decided everything else in life..we need to pick and choose our battles – and associate with those who bring positive to our lives versus the b.S. that we don’t want to see or hear about.

My issue right now is getting overwhelmed with 400 social sites that Ive now joined..because hell, if you join one, then that one wants you to “connect” to another …then another, then another etc. etc. Its kinda amazing and inspiring when you really think about it – but, once you start getting into the gist of it – its quite (as I said before) Overwhelming.

Sooo..I sit here waiting for my creamer – so, I can have my coffee that my neighbor so nicely went and got for me – and as I look out the window and watch him pull in – I realize how psychological it all really, truly is for me.

Just knowing that coffee will be entering my soul in about 5 minutes – makes me a happier person.

I hope you all enjoyed this useless info.

I will have another posting for you lovelies later today (if not sooner) that actually has much more substance to it.

In the meantime ..I do invite you to join me on Twitter.



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